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The 6 Key Features of a Minimalist / Barefoot Shoe

The 6 Key Features of a Minimalist / Barefoot Shoe 

How To Tell When You Are Getting The Real Thing

By Al Gauthier

Many brands now claim to make a shoe that is just like being barefoot, but not all shoes are equal, and not all brands are telling the truth. Keep in mind, there is nothing that is just like being barefoot except actually being barefoot. The closest, next-best thing, is a shoe that provides protection from the ground while sacrificing as little of the natural movements and sensations that the foot feels while barefoot. In other words, you want as little shoe as possible while still maintaining the level of protection you need for the intended activity.
All of the following must be present in order for the shoe to be truly minimalist:

1 – Thin Flexible Sole:  A minimalist / barefoot shoe should have a sole that is anywhere from 2 mm to 8 mm in thickness—nothing more. It should be flexible enough that it can be folded in half, bent along its length, or almost rolled up.

2 – Zero Rise: The rise of the shoe is the measurement of the difference between the height of the heel to the height of the toes. A true minimalist / barefoot shoe should have no difference between these two points, thus a zero rise. Even a very small rise is in our eyes not a minimalist shoe.

3 – Anatomical Shape: The shoe should allow your foot to rest within it without being constricted in any way. In other words, it should be shaped like your foot. If your toes are being squished, or you feel pressure along your foot at any point, it’s not an anatomical shoe, or it’s just not the right shoe for you. The shoe should also be wide enough for your toes to splay naturally as you walk. The shoe should feel securely attached but not constrictive in any way. Look at the bottom of the shoe to see the overall shape of the last. Place your foot along the outside of the bottom of the shoe and compare it to your foot. It will be immediately clear if the shoe is shaped like your foot.

4 – No Support: No minimalist or barefoot shoe should have support. The insole, if there is one, should be absolutely flat and offer no additional support to the arches (you have three) of your feet. The insole should also be removable. A removable insole will allow you to control whether you want a little bit of impact resistance or a more pure transmission of the ground textures.

5 – No Shock Absorption: A minimalist shoe should allow your feet to feel the contours of the ground as much as possible, and they should also allow your feet to feel the true impact of each stride. This promotes correct form by providing important feedback to your feet. A very small amount of cushioned insole may be appropriate to provide a little additional comfort, but the insole should not prevent you from feeling the ground under foot or the impact of your movements.

6 – Light Weight:  Rather than use an actual weight range for this category I prefer to go by feel. There are some minimalist shoes that are much lighter than others. The rule of thumb should really be how heavy they feel on your feet. If you feel, in any way, that the shoes weigh down your feet than they are far too heavy. Shoes should be extensions of your feet, not weights. They should feel a little more like socks.

Choosing the right shoe for you will take some research and some trial and error, but understanding what constitutes a real minimalist / barefoot shoe is important to achieving results. Great minimalist shoes come in different shapes and designs just like our feet do. If you keep these 6 principles in mind you should be able to find the perfect shoe.

If you are ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We review just about all minimalist products over time so chances are that if we haven’t reviewed them or if we aren’t going to review them, they are not a minimalist product.

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