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About Tina DuboisTina PortraitTina Dubois has been writing minimalist shoe reviews and barefoot-related articles for Living Barefoot since August 2009. She started writing about her barefoot alternative adventures on her own ‘Toe Girl’ Tina blog shortly after buying her first pair of minimalist shoes: a pair of grey/palm Vibram FiveFingers KSOs. She also co-hosts The Living Barefoot Show with Al Gauthier

Tina has been running barefoot or in minimalist shoes with a natural running style for over three years. Previous to the switch to minimalist shoes, she competed in numerous running races including the Canadian Death Race relay and the Easter Seals 24-hour Relay. She suffered many typical runners’ injuries including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, patellar femoral pain, IT band strain, as well as hip and low back pain. The switch to minimalist shoes was in attempt to alleviate the assortment of runners’ pains associated with bad running form. After changing her form to a more natural running style, and her shoes to a minimalist design, Tina no longer suffers from any of these running-related injuries. In the last three years, Tina has continued to race and has completed numerous road and trail races as well as two sprint triathlons, all in minimalist shoes.

In 2010, Tina attended the All-Star Barefoot Running Clinic sponsored by Vibram FiveFingers in Boston, U.S.A., with presenters and coaches Corrado Giambalvo, Christopher McDougall, and Dr. Daniel Lieberman. This inspired Tina to learn more about natural running form and how to share it with others. She recently completed the VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Program, instructed by the world renowned barefoot running coach Lee Saxby, and became the first Canadian VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coach. She is very excited to share her natural running knowledge and enthusiasm for minimalist shoes with the Living Barefoot Coaching clinics.

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