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Review: Paperfeet

          Review of Paperfeet   It’s difficult to know where to draw the line between art and footwear with Paperfeet.  Paperfeet are the brainchild of Jimmy Tomczak.  While wanting to save money on his own footwear, he decided to make his own footwear by making some out of the Tyvek—the material […]

Review: Vibram FiveFingers Smartwool Classics

            Review of the Vibram FiveFingers Smarwool Classics   As Vibram FiveFingers continues to ride the wave of popularity that is FiveFingers, they are releasing some refinements on previous styles to make them fresh again.  The Smartwool Classic is one of those. Take a regular Classic and use Smartwool on […]

Special Review: Treadmills for Barefoot Running

              What is the best treadmill for barefoot running? Don’t get burned: How to pick the best treadmill for barefoot running Including a detailed review of 20 models from the barefoot perspective Download this Special Review as a PDF.  Click Here. Treadmills are ubiquitous in the home and gym. […]

Can You Trust the Reviews on the Internet?

Can You Trust the Reviews on the Internet? The more we write our reviews, the more we are concerned about a growing trend for review writers—reviews seem overly positive, or seem absent all together. Since we started putting together our reviews on Living Barefoot, we have always felt passionately that being honest about the products […]

Review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo

              Review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo We’ve been reviewing minimalist shoes since before the term was such a household name.  It’s very gratifying to see such continual improvement. There is a real drive from consumers to want the best products.  This is rather unique in the footwear world.  While […]

Review: Zem Booties

Review of Zem Booties By Al Gauthier Overview Zem booties are another “beach” shoe that has wandered onto our radar as a good minimalist product.  As with many products in this category, the company has realized the untapped market of minimalist shoe enthusiasts after having already aimed at a different market. Zem booties come in […]

STEM Footwear Sneak Peek

STEM Footwear Primal Origins Sneak Peek This is not a full review of the new STEM Footwear but a sneak peek of what’s to come. I am really excited about these new shoes. I couldn’t wait to share it with our readers. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to wear test the provided samples (they […]

Review: Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

Review of the VFF TrekSport The TrekSport is a vegan version of the KSO Trek (made of kangaroo leather) with the same aggressive tread designed for trekking and trail running. It is made of a stretchy coconut active carbon fiber material with TPU toe protection. The TrekSport upper also features a number of padded areas […]

ASICS Mexico 66 / Minimalist Shoe Updates

We’ve had the opportunity to discuss minimalist products with ASICS today.  We contacted ASICS in the hopes that we could review the Mexico 66.  This shoe has had a lot of positive response from our readers and listeners and we have been contacted on several occasions asking us to review the Mexico 66 as it […]

The Living Barefoot Show: Episode 27: We Interview VIVOBAREFOOT – What’s New for 2011

Living Barefoot Show for: Feb 1st, 2011 Episode 27 An Interview with the VIVOBAREFOOT Team: Sabra Ellingson, US Operations Director, Amy Schrader, Director of US Wholesale ,Michelle Hinsvark, US Marketing Executive. We talk about what’s to come from VIVOBAREFOOT an an exciting lineup for the spring / summer, and fall of 2011 0 Hour, 22 Minutes, […]

Review: Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek – By Andrew Searle

The KSO Trek is a great trail running shoe that is best for dry, light trails but not the best for really rocky or wet trails if you’re planning on running at high speeds. They are a fantastic trail running tool to improve running form, cadence, agility, and balance. They will also help you become more aware of your foot placement as well as strengthen the muscles of your feet and lower legs, which can all lead to overall improved trail running performance


We are very pleased to review the new Evo II running-specific shoe from Terra Plana’s VIVOBAREFOOT product line. They are essentially the same as the Evo but made with a denser nylon mesh upper for increased water resistance and a microfiber lined interior for added comfort. They are spectacular minimalist running shoes made for colder temperatures and/or wet conditions. This review will be similar to the one written for the Evo but with additions to reflect the changes in the Evo II.

The 2010 Minimalist Shoe Holiday Gift Guide

Vibram FiveFingers are arguably the first and most popular minimalist shoes on the market.  With more and more specialist special models as well as a great selection of multi-purpose models, FiveFingers are a great gift for the barefooter who needs to wear shoes now and then or your favorite barefoot runner. FiveFingers Classic:  Most minimalist […]

Review: VIVOBAREFOOT Brooklyn Boot

Review of Terra Plana’s VIVOBAREFOOT Brooklyn Boot There are few truly minimalist footwear options currently on the market for cold, snowy, winter weather; the Brooklyn boot is definitely one of these few. The VIVOBAREFOOT Off-Road Sole, measuring 5 mm thick including 2.5 mm of grip, does a stellar job at both protecting your feet from […]

Review: Soft Star Roo

Review: Soft Star Roo By Al Gauthier Review of the Soft Star Roo The Soft Star Roo is a cozy, cold weather moccasin made of real leather.  In the true sense of a moccasin, the sole is also made of leather—allowing for all the great ground sensations to be transmitted through the sole. Comfort You […]

Review: Invisible Shoes Huarache Running Sandal

Review of the Invisible Shoes from the Do-it-Yourself Kit If what you are after is a thin, inexpensive, custom-fit sandal, Invisible Shoes may be just what you are looking for.  Made from a pattern of your feet, by you, there is no one to blame if your shoes don’t fit right—but you have to be […]

Review: Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandal

Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandal Review By Tina Dubois Review of the Original Luna Sandal We are very pleased to review the Original Luna Sandal, an huarache running sandal made in the Pacific Northwest, USA by a company started by Barefoot Ted McDonald. The Luna is as minimal a shoe as it comes, made of simply […]

Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Trek Shoe Review

Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Trek Shoe Review By Tina Dubois Review of Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Trek Shoe We are very pleased to review the Women’s Trek, it was a long time in coming and an example of how much Vibram values the input and requests of their customers. The Trek sole is the most rugged of […]

Review: Vibram FiveFingers Performa Jane

Vibram FiveFingers Performa Jane Shoe Review By Tina Dubois Review of Vibram FiveFingers Performa Jane Shoe We are very pleased to review the Performa Jane, a women’s specific Mary Jane-style indoor shoe with amazing barefoot feel. These shoes are very similar to the Performas that were released last year but the upper is made of […]

Review – Vibram FiveFingers Flow

Vibram FiveFingers Flow Review By Tina Dubois Overall impression The Flows are my favourite Vibram FiveFingers (VFFs) model to wear in cooler temperatures. Like all other VFF models, they are comfortable, form-fitting, and have amazing barefoot feel. The Flows are long-lasting and the grey upper/camo sole have a unique look to them (which does garner […]

Review: MBT Fumba Sandal – Is the “Anti-Shoe” Worth Considering?

Review – MBT Fumba Sandal Is the “Anti-Shoe” worth considering? Overall impression It is difficult to put the MBT product into a proper category.  In fact, in terms of category, I hesitate to put them in the broad category of “shoe”.  These are without any doubt the most awe-inspiring shoes we have reviewed to date. […]

Review: Kigo Footwear Curv

Kigo Curv Shoe Review By Tina Dubois Review of Kigo Footwear’s Kigo Curv Shoe We are very pleased to review the second generation of Kigo Footwear’s Mary Jane-style shoe: the Curv. There are a few improvements to the Curv compared to the first generation, the Star, but for the most part, they are the same […]

Review of Terra Plana’s Evo Running Shoe

Vivo Barefoot Evo Review By Tina Dubois Minimalist Running Shoe Series Vivo Barefoot Evo Review Buy them HERE We are very pleased to review the new Evo running-specific shoe from Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot product line. After wearing them every day for seven weeks, I am thoroughly impressed. They are as comfortable while walking as they […]

Review: Vivo Barefoot’s Kali Shoe

Vivo Barefoot Kali Review By Tina Dubois Overall impression The Kali is a brand new Mary Jane style pump for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It is the perfect footwear for women looking for a minimalist show in a professional environment.  It is an extremely well-made shoe with an elegant and attractive design yet has a […]

Review: Vibram FiveFingers Bikila

Review – Vibram FiveFingers Bikila A running-specific FiveFingers Model Overall impression What can I say, Vibram is starting to seem like a company that can do no wrong – and the new running-specific model of FiveFingers, the Bikila, is another great example of a use-specific model that does a great job of providing the most […]

Review – Nike Free 5.0

Review – Nike Free 5.0 Overall impression While these shoes have taken the world by storm as being the first shoes that take advantage of the foot’s natural ability, they lack many of the qualities needed in a true minimalist shoe. For some these may make a temporary “transition” shoe on the path towards a […]

Review – Flexible Footwear Shoes – Possibly The Dress Shoe We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Review – Flexible Footwear Oxford Dress Shoes Is this the answer to the minimalist dress shoe we have all been waiting for? History When we stumbled on Flexible Footwear online, we knew we had to get a pair for review. One of the largest holes in the minimalist shoe spectrum is in the formal shoe […]

Review: The Barefoot Running Book by Jason Robillard

Review of The Barefoot Running Book by Jason Robillard First I have to gush about how nice it is to have authors writing more and more books about barefooting and barefoot running.  Since Christopher McDougal’s book, Born To Run, the interest world-wide has grown from a trickle into a stream. Jason Robillard’s book is another […]

Feelmax Niesa Re-Review

Feelmax Niesa RE-Review History When we originally released the review of the Feelmax Niesa in August of 2009, the response from Feelmax was strong. Feelmax felt that we had not done our homework and that the review was not accurate. They also insisted that we had not spent enough time with the Niesa. As our […]

Review – Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek

Review – Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek Overall impression This beefy, tread-happy KSO upgrade with kangaroo leather is the perfect solution for trail runners and those who have been looking for a little more protection underfoot. Despite the substantial sole and the use of leather, this KSO remains as comfortable as the previous incarnations. It is […]

Review of the famous Huarache Running Sandal

Invisible Shoe Huarache Running Sandal Review By Tina Dubois Minimalist Running Shoe Series Invisible Shoe Huarache Review We are very pleased to review the Invisible Shoe Huarache as the first shoe review in the Living Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoe Series. This shoe is available in a do-it-yourself kit or a custom-made shoe made for you […]

Review – The Original Sockwa

Original Sockwa Shoe Review By Tina Dubois We are pleased to review the original version of the Sockwa (new models are due to be released mid-2010) for the Living Barefoot Minimalist Shoe Review Series. The barefoot feel and the lightweight material of these shoes is second to none in the minimalist shoe market. The Sockwa […]

Review – Soft Star Rambler

Review of the Soft Star Rambler By Tina Dubois We are very pleased to review one of Soft Star Shoes’ adult moccasin collection: the Soft Star Rambler. I can honestly say that I wear them almost every day. They are my most comfortable slip-on and walk out the door minimalist shoes. The craftsmanship is excellent […]

Kigo Star Review

Kigo Star Shoe Review By Tina Dubois Review of Kigo Footwear’s Kigo Star Shoe We are very pleased to review the Star from Kigo Footwear. Kigo shoes are advertised as eco-friendly, lightweight, strong, breathable, and totally portable minimalist shoes with a special fold-up design to take them anywhere easily. I agree that the fold-up design […]

Review – Vivo Barefoot Dundan Boot

I absolutely love the Vivo Barefoot Dundan boots. They are incredibly comfortable and stylish. They are easy to put on and fast to take off. The lace and zipper combination allow them to be adjustable for a wide variety of ankle and leg widths while having the convenience of a zipper. They have an excellent barefoot feel but at the same time inspire confidence while walking on sharp surfaces due to the puncture-resistant sole. I love them so much, that I can’t wait to get a second pair in a different color.

Review: Feelmax Kuuva Boot – Winter Barefooting Series

Feelmax Kuuva Boot Review By Tina Dubois For barefooters and minimalist shoe enthusiasts alike finding winter footwear products that can stand up to northern climates can be challenging. As part of our winter barefooting series, we are pleased to review the Feelmax Kuuva boot. We are very pleased to review our second minimalist footwear product […]

Review – Vibram FiveFingers Performa

Vibram FiveFingers’ new fall 2009 collection includes three new designs; we are pleased to review the Performa. I am thoroughly impressed with this new addition and find it an all around perfect indoor shoe. My feet and toes literally get the urge to dance while wearing them. Vibram FiveFingers has outdone itself with the Performas as they are extremely comfortable, are lighter weight than all their other shoes, and have extraordinary flexibility and comfort.

Review – Vibram FiveFingers Moc

This is another strong product from Vibram’s FiveFinger lineup. The Mocs are incredibly comfortable, pleasantly warm, and feel luxurious. They are the most pleasant feeling FiveFingers I have tested to date. They are appropriate for most indoor activities, and offer some protection and warmth in a comfortable package. More than any other FiveFingers model, these are truly gloves for your feet.

Review – Vivo Barefoot Lucy

Review – Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot Women’s Lucy We are pleased to review our third shoe from Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot line: the women’s Lucy. This shoe is the Black Nappa Leather but is also currently available on the Terra Plana website in Red Suede, Off White Print Canvas, and Sky Blue Nubuck . Overall, […]

Toe Sock Review – Injinji, Toe Toe, Feelmax

Toe Sock Review – Injinji, Toe Toe, Feelmax Are Toe Socks For You? There are two groups of barefooters when it comes to socks: the anti-sock people and the pro-sock people. If you happen to fall into the pro-sock category, then this review is for you.  If you are a sock snob, you can move […]

Review – Vivo Barefoot Leonidas Sandal

Review – Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot Leonidas Sandal We are pleased to review our second shoe from Terra Plana’s wonderful Vivo Barefoot series. We are already sold on the quality of the Vivo Barefoot series of shoes and are excited to review a sandal in this series.  The Leonidas is another great example of excellent […]

Review – Feelmax Shoes

Feelmax Shoes Review Note: Feelmax felt our review was unfair and that we did not do our homework during this review.  After some suggestions from readers and speaking with Feelmax we were send a new and larger size of Niesa for re-evaluation. Here is the new review: http://www.livingbarefoot.info/2010/05/feelmax-niesa-re-review/ There are three brands that are always […]

Review – Vibram FiveFingers: Classic, Sprint & KSO

Vibram FiveFingers: Review of the Sprint, KSO, and Classic Styles I could not do justice to the barefoot cause and not give these amazing shoes a chance for the spotlight.  Vibram FiveFingers have perhaps received more press than any other shoe, but not because of how great they are.  Abandoning all that is common in […]

Review – Vivo Barefoot Aqua by Terra Plana

While you may realize the health benefits of going barefoot, and may even love the sensation, you may find that your feet are too tender to be barefoot all the time, and you likely have social reasons for not being able to bare your feet as often as you wish. You may live in a part of the world that is too cold during the winter to walk barefoot.

Finally shoe companies have started responding to a growing market that craves a more minimalistic shoe – one that is more healthy, simple, and more like being barefoot. READ ON…

LivingBarefoot Reviews

Coming Soon! We are excitedly awaiting several products shipped directly from several manufacturers for review on LivingBarefoot. Feelmax shoes from Finland is going to be sending samples of their soft-soled shoes for review. These shoes show great promise for winter bare-footers who want to have some extra warmth, and for those of us who have […]

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