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Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too!

Summer from Barefoot running has posted an article about barefoot walking, getting started and the benefits of moving barefooted. Check it out! This article was originally published on Barefoot Running Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too!: Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too! When you start out as a new barefoot runner, chances are you’ll start by just […]

We Interview Daniel Howell, Author of The Barefoot Book on The Living Barefoot Show

We Interview Daniel Howell The Living Barefoot Show – Episode 16 – We Interview Daniel Howell, Author of The Barefoot Book. Daniel’s book is a wonderful addition to the barefooters library.  Using diagrams and covering subjects that few other books have covered in great details, Daniel goes into great detail of how the foot works, […]

Barefoot parks in Europe

Surfing around the Internets tonight, I found information on “Barefoot Parks” in Europe. Appparently, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Switzerland and the UK all have parks that cater to being barefoot. The parks are landscaped with different textures for people to walk on and fun balance equipment to play on. Check one out on your […]

Why Barefoot?

Why Barefoot? Because being barefoot is healthy for you! Because being barefoot can feel great! Because being barefoot is how our bodies were designed!   Have you ever stopped to think about why we need so much support and protection? The answer is that we don’t. The answer is that the more we wear shoes, […]

Review – Vivo Barefoot Leonidas Sandal

Review – Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot Leonidas Sandal We are pleased to review our second shoe from Terra Plana’s wonderful Vivo Barefoot series. We are already sold on the quality of the Vivo Barefoot series of shoes and are excited to review a sandal in this series.  The Leonidas is another great example of excellent […]

Review – Vibram FiveFingers: Classic, Sprint & KSO

Vibram FiveFingers: Review of the Sprint, KSO, and Classic Styles I could not do justice to the barefoot cause and not give these amazing shoes a chance for the spotlight.  Vibram FiveFingers have perhaps received more press than any other shoe, but not because of how great they are.  Abandoning all that is common in […]

Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot During today’s BBC Countryfile programme, there was an interesting feature on Edgar Brown – a man who enjoys walking in the countryside with no shoes and socks on. Now this captured my imagination – as a child I loved nothing better than walking through the fields around our house barefoot, taking in all […]

A Little bit about LivingBarefoot.info

Welcome, we are glad you are here! This website, including our forums, is our gift back to the barefoot community. It has been with the help of the barefoot community and it’s various websites that we have been able to gain the knowledge I needed to be comfortable, and now an advocate for those who […]

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